The Food & Wine Fiasco.

It is in situations like this where I just remind myself, this is why I have goals.

One day I will have an unlimited grocery budget and a test kitchen. One day. One day. One day. 

Fiascos are bound to happen, but this one came at a particularly inappropriate time, and after a particularly pricy Whole Foods bill.

Thanks, Food & Wine, or maybe it’s not all your fault.

My June issue arrived this past Saturday. Naturally, I give it some time to breathe on the kitchen counter, and Sunday morning, as I dove into my mock Mother’s Day Brunch (whole grain waffle with organic peanut butter and strawberries) I started turning the pages. 

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Currently Reading: Philadelphia Magazine (February 2011)

Philadelphia Magazine. February 2011.
Thank you Mr. Postman!
With the incredible timing, Philadelphia Magazine, in all of his hot pink glory this month, found it’s way into work via an early delivery from the mail truck.
Not sure what I love more, the idea to adapt my buttermilk waffles to a red velvet variation, the awesome write-up “In Defense of Uggs” or the insanely adorable “Make Out Session” feature, which is too cute to even attempt to describe.
I love it all this month and whether my productivity likes it or not, you know where my eyes will be fixed for the next few hours….
Thanks phillymag for another awesome issue!
… and in other news, can you believe January is almost over?

Currently Reading: Main Line Today.

Thanks to my lovely receptionist, Jennifer, a subscriber to Main Line Today, I have had my hands on the February 2011 issue for the past couple of days.

February 2011 Cover: Main Line Today Magazine.


One of the best publications to serve the Main Line area, whether you are looking for a fun weekend plan, a great boutique, or information for a local photographer, they keep each issue useful and easy to read.

As if I needed more motivation to eat out at more restaurants, this is their “Best Restaurant” issue…. (Cue opening the calendar to see just how I can squeeze in visiting 47 more restaurants).

I always say how important it is to support the local economy, and all of the little restaurants with big dreams, so I will certainly be dining at as many as I can. Listed in alphabetical order in this issue, it will be my goal to create my own ranking system for each stop by the end of the year.


Also find your way to their website to support The Best of the Main Line. Each ballot must be completed by February 28, 2011 and all of the winners will be shared in the July 2011 issue. It is a great way for local hotspots to get the attention they deserve!

Currently Reading: Food Network Magazine.

Scooped this goodie off the shelf of my local pharmacy after work tonight.

Food Network has really done a great job with this publication.

January 2011 Issue.

Tonight’s bedtime stories will have titles that go something like this …

“Guy’s Pretzels with a Twist”

“50 Nachos!”

“A Mexican Brunch”

“America’s Worst Kitchen”

“Weeknight Cooking”

“10 things you need to know this month”

and of course ….. how good does this sound? …. “Almost Famous Molten Chocolate Cake”


Alright, back to turning the pages.