How to: A Ruffled Birthday Cake.

Didn’t I say I was dreaming of baking this cake on Friday? Well I forgot to mention the little tid bit of information that there was actually the perfect occasion for that to happen – Mama’s birthday.

Now, Mama might not have wanted to celebrate this year, especially not two days in a row, but when you have a daughter like me, it is pretty damn difficult to avoid sweets and birthday candles. However, as much of a birthday princess as I am, for the first time I kind of understood the feeling. I’ll remind you all that this year was the beginning of the end, the year I didn’t welcome turning another number older with open arms – yup, from here on out we are just getting, dare I say that we are actually getting, old? Oy vey.

However, I think I have the perfect fix for the dreaded birthdays that all of us 21 and overs will face once a year… The beautiful birthday cake. Ruffles, the quintessential little girl’s fashion dream, and the perfect celebratory cake accent.

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Love’s Kitchen (and a giveaway)!

Introducing this week’s obsession,

you can find it in your “new movies” collection, my little Netflixers.

A British film made for gourmands, food lovers, and romantics alike, Love’s Kitchen is positively adorable and truly inspiring. The plot is predictable but in that perfectly acceptable, feel good kind of way. The actors are all lovable, and, if you didn’t fancy a man in Chef whites before, you will as soon as the first scene comes to a close! It’s a tear jerker at times, leaves you LOLing at others, but mostly it is a film that has your mouth watering at some beautiful examples of English cuisine. And oh, the kitchen! The kitchennnn!!! A huge farm table sits in the center, where all the prep is done.. one day.

I am sure you will have no trouble falling love with this movie as I did, but what I really can’t get out of my mid is the Chef’s signature dessert, a Trifle. It looks divine. Each character that gets a spoonful between their lips has the reaction that every professional and amateur alike wishes for. Just sheer bliss. See for yourself …

And now, I want input from each one of you to help me find the best ever Trifle recipe.

Please comment below and leave a link to a great recipe or give a cookbook suggestion and tell me what your absolute favorite dessert is I will choose one of you to whom I will send a yummy gift package to thrill your sweet tooth!

You do the searching I do the baking… not a bad trade right?


Giveaway ends Thursday 10/20. Open to all my US readers!

How To: The Despicable Me Minions.

So, my life feels like a never ending to do list. Every day … non stop. It is all wonderful fun and fabulous things (with an occasional faux mental breakdown here and there) but it’s A LOT. I know there are days when we all feel this way, but for me personally, there is nothing I love more than peacefully spending the day working on something in the kitchen.

Last weekend, it was these little dudes.

Despicable Me Minion cookies to take over to the little munchkins that I babysit for. They are obsessed with the movie, like most little ones their age (1, 3, 6) …. and then there is me, obsessed – at clearly a much less acceptable age.

Let me first thank my amazing inspiration for this idea, Jacquie from Sweet Jac and Lill. When I saw the photos of the ones she had made, I knew it wouldn’t be very long until I had made them too.

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Melting the Midnight Butter.

Alright, so maybe it wasn’t quite midnight … but when you leave for work at 5:45 every morning, 9:30 is pretty late!

Courtney and I love our friends.

You can find them on my bloglovin account, in my search history, in my bookmarks… and all over the web. We refer to them on a first name (URL basis) … our friends are also know as: our favorite blogs. Every night the two of us reconvene at our high counter after toiling in the cubicles and kitchens all day, with bowls of almond milk and cereal. We try to avoid talking about work, so instead we talk about our friends and our favorite posts of the day.

Did you see Cupcakes’ outfit today?

How bout that recipe DailyGarnish put up, I didn’t really think it looked that good …

Can you believe YHL bought cabinets for their office at a dollllllar each?

Or ugh, DayBook. We wish we could take fabulous photographs of ourselves all the time.

… I can’t believe I just admitted all that.

So, last night – with all the usual chit chat we were inspired to throw together a late night post for all you GtoG readers…. hence, melting the midnight butter (like burning the midnight oil … ha ha).

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Je Voudrais Un Napoleon, Si’l Vous Plait!

Let’s make a list of all of that is French in my life.

A David Lebovitz obsession.

 Nana and Tita secretly plotting in French at least 5 times a month.

At least 10 occasions of crying at Carrie and Big on the bridge over the Siene in the SATC finale.

… and every other tv/movie reference that makes my heart go pitter patter (Something Gotta Give, anyone?)

5 years of french classes.

A trip to Paris, as an oblivious 12 year old with a middle part.

And another trip, at 15, to the South of France with some awesome kids.

Two times are never enough, the 3rd time is the charm. Here is a recipe as my pinky promise to the world that in the next 6 – 8 months, my far from french ass (pardon my french) will be on a plane to Europe. First stop, the City of Lights.

A Strawberry Blueberry Napoleon.

Click this image to print the recipe!

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Pesto and Peanut Butter.

Good Morning!

Blue skies outside my window as I write this…

Can’t think of a better omen for a good week… No clouds for a change, thank you Jesus!

Certainly not what it was like last night – or yesterday – with the monsoon that just decided to hang it’s head over my world for the day. And I actually drove around in that crap last night trying to figure out what I was going to put out on the dinner table…. at 9 pm 🙂

After doing a drive-by through the Acme parking lot, avoiding the parking spots, and heading home, I decided to make do with what I had in my fridge. 

Pesto and Peanut Butter (and a few tomatoes and fresh basil too!).

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One Tough Cookie …. A post on Love and Best Friends. (and a recipe)

When it comes to food I feel love in countless ways

I love Chai Tea. A warm kind of love.

I love Pasta. A comforting kind of love.

I love Basil. A beautiful kind of love.

I love Raspberries. A simple kind of love.

I love Peanut Butter. A heal your heart kind of love.

Just one spoon of PB, or in desperate measures, a dip of the pointer finger, is all it takes sometimes to get yourself through a sad day. But then, god forbid, there are those more than just sad kinds of days. There are those days when you find yourself unable to stand straight, because your heart is breaking and tears are streaming down your face. That crazy kind of crying where you, without your control, find your hands clenching your chest because your heart feels like it’s splitting in two. Breaking in that way that releases this ridiculous amount of pressure into your chest that forces you to lose your breath almost completely; where you start to cry without being able to make a noise. On those days, not even a scoop of peanut butter can be the bandaid for where it hurts. Scratch that, not even a whole jar would do the trick.

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Christening the Kitch!

Good Morning Ladies and Gents!

It has been a ghost town around town this week. Lucky for me, I picked the emptiest week to MOVE INTO MY NEW PLACE. It has been a week since the first box hit the carpet, and Court and I really love it. The apartment has great energy and it’s so peaceful – just what the two of us needed.

It also has, a great kitchen. The appliances are all brand new, the fridge is so nice and cold that my hummus froze yesterday (a little frustrating when I tried to dip a carrot into it).

This weekend I plan on really breaking the kitchen in. I have all weekend and Monday off (lucky me!) and as you can tell by my silence- I haven’t really had a chance to cook or eat normal meals in a few weeks.  So, needless to say I’m will be putting the free time to good use.

On the menu this weekend:

Fish Tacos.

Saveur Magazine sent me an email about a recipe on Monday, and as if I wasn’t already craving them (summer brings out my inner hispanic girl), that made the cravings worse. They use red snapper and a beer batter… I might adapt that a little bit.

Check out the recipe!

I only wish I had the time to make my own corn tortillas!

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