Late Summer Stuffed Peppers.

Stuffed peppers are an amazing meal if you have the time to put them together. For these late summer pepps, It took me about an hour of prep and cook time. So stinkin worth it, and frankly it is because I chose to load them up with so many veggies. Depending on how many you can scrounge up – you could have dinner on the table a little sooner.

Magnificent in color, full of nutritiousness, and really fun to make – they are a treat for me each time I get to dig my fork into one.

Click to Print the Recipe.

You can make them in any season, with whatever veggies are fresh at the market – but these late summer ones might be the best. Even though I wish corn would be in season forever, I know it can’t be, and the plum tomatoes I got from Jersey… there is nothing like them. Summer sweetness at it’s finest.

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Pesto and Peanut Butter.

Good Morning!

Blue skies outside my window as I write this…

Can’t think of a better omen for a good week… No clouds for a change, thank you Jesus!

Certainly not what it was like last night – or yesterday – with the monsoon that just decided to hang it’s head over my world for the day. And I actually drove around in that crap last night trying to figure out what I was going to put out on the dinner table…. at 9 pm 🙂

After doing a drive-by through the Acme parking lot, avoiding the parking spots, and heading home, I decided to make do with what I had in my fridge. 

Pesto and Peanut Butter (and a few tomatoes and fresh basil too!).

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The Prettiest Saturday Afternoon Sandwiches… almost ever.

Saturdays are my Fridays. The end of my work week. The nights I go home and curl up on my big white couch, light a few candles, click on a quiet Pandora station, and just be. Truly relaxing, letting go of the week, and doing absolutely nothing but what I want to do is how I love to start my weekend.

Tonight, was no different. I wanted to go home and see this face…

So I did. We snuggled, until he felt like going back under the bed with his chicky. Then we walked… well he walked me. So excited that we were back in our routine .. he was practically skipping – and that made me so happy.

But there was something else that made this Saturday, which didn’t start so well, a happy one.

It was Sandwich Saturday! Courtney and I were at Whole Foods and I was inspired, and starving. It is the perfect  place to piece together all the necessities for a few tasty sammiches.

I started by choosing the bread. Each sandwich would be unique.

1. The Wheat Panino – an Italian pressed sandwich with pesto.

2. The Multigrain Ciabatta – a classic turkey, mustard, pickle and swiss sandwich.

3. The Olive Load – the Doggie Bag White Dog Wayne sandwich (!!)

4. The Ezekiel Sesame Bread – a Mediterranean sandwich with hummus.

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This is the day that nev … ends in Tiny Turkey Burgers!

Hi Everybody!!

Last night there was no post because Apartment B had a mandatory 9:30 bed time. At 22 and 23 respectively, we still need bed time… don’t knock it till you try it! It felt so nice waking up this morning with energy for the first time in a long time.

It also probably helped that I didn’t have to be into work at 6 am, so I got to roll out of bed and enjoy a nice bowl of cereal and read up on all the news I’ve missed.

I also did some morning photo editing of the little cupcake cuties…

There is nothing like little hands working so quietly on little cupcakes (the hands being quiet, nott the kids) – I am hoping to finally get a post together once my SmugMug account gets restored (I forget I cancelled a credit card and they closed off my account this month) so as soon as they are done making me pull my hair out I will share all the little morsels of detail from Olivia’s 6th Birthday!

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Wrap your arms around yourself!

Does anyone know the secret to being able to live by the phrase, “all things in moderation”?

As I write this post tonight, I do it with that icky feeling in my stomach caused today by a combination of  many things. For one I did not consume any actual meal to speak of. I spent the day in the bakery deal with a mass of issues causing me to run around like the world was ending and any food I saw had to be eaten. And oh, let’s not forget the out of whack hormones, ridiculous lack of sleep, unquenchable food cravings….. all translated into,

If I hadn’t been so helplessly exhausted I would have cooked a healthy dinner tonight.

Something quick and easy like a lettuce wrap is always an awesome option for anyone that feels my pain after a day like this. You can get protein from your meat/beans/nuts, veggies from the obvious, and a little carbs from rice noodles. Wrap up one, two, or three in a head of iceberg and what you have is a cheap dinner that leaves you full and satiated.

 … You give your veggies a hug in their wrap, and your body gets one too! (I couldn’t resist the imagery… sorry 🙂 )

This week I kept the wraps completely vegetarian. 

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Tacos de Pescado.


This week already feels like it’s going to be a long one doesn’t it?  BUT, I finally have myself a real day off today (party!!). Anyone that is in any food business knows, your weekend only comes when it wants to… therefore my weekend is today… one day. That isn’t a complaint, but it is the reality, and unfortunately if I had more time, I would have cooked so much more this “weekend”. 

What I did make, was delicious though… by the way, have I said how much I love my new kitchen yet? I ADORE MY NEW KITCHEN.

Sunday night, Court and I were finally in the same place at the same time, so I decided to make the fish tacos I had been salivating over. I adapted the recipe from Saveur and also got a little inspiration from “My Father’s Daughter” – Miss Paltrow’s wonderful new cookbook. 

I nixed the beer batter, used tilapia, replaced cilantro for parsley and got the show on the road.

A little bit of prep is necessary before it all really starts.

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Goat Cheese Pesto and Grilled Tomatoes.

My craving for pasta yesterday was totally impossible to ignore… all day. Blame me being around Italian bread all week for this little issue! 

So when I went to the produce market after work, I tried to think up a creative dish for dinner that involved anything other than just making a tomato sauce and boiling up some noodles. It wasn’t the kind of dinner to take the easy way out.

In this month’s Real Simple, they feature a bunch of different meal combinations using only 3 ingredients. One of the dishes I remembered was a goat cheese and basil pasta dish.

(Top right if you want to see their take on it)

image from

I used this dish as an inspiration for my dinner. I knew that when I moved into the new place, I brought along  a 3/4 of the way full tub of Whole Food’s Goat Cheese, and the bunches of basil at the market were looking scrumptious and fresh. I also had a big bag of cherry tomatoes waiting at home for me.

Ready in no less than 20 minutes, this dish hit the spot. 

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Christening the Kitch!

Good Morning Ladies and Gents!

It has been a ghost town around town this week. Lucky for me, I picked the emptiest week to MOVE INTO MY NEW PLACE. It has been a week since the first box hit the carpet, and Court and I really love it. The apartment has great energy and it’s so peaceful – just what the two of us needed.

It also has, a great kitchen. The appliances are all brand new, the fridge is so nice and cold that my hummus froze yesterday (a little frustrating when I tried to dip a carrot into it).

This weekend I plan on really breaking the kitchen in. I have all weekend and Monday off (lucky me!) and as you can tell by my silence- I haven’t really had a chance to cook or eat normal meals in a few weeks.  So, needless to say I’m will be putting the free time to good use.

On the menu this weekend:

Fish Tacos.

Saveur Magazine sent me an email about a recipe on Monday, and as if I wasn’t already craving them (summer brings out my inner hispanic girl), that made the cravings worse. They use red snapper and a beer batter… I might adapt that a little bit.

Check out the recipe!

I only wish I had the time to make my own corn tortillas!

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