Easter Basket Accessorizing

By now, and maybbbbe I am a little ahead of myself to say this, but I hope everyone has their easter basket swag stashed away in the pantry for the kiddies this Sunday. I am playing Easter bunny a little early this year, and gifting my baskets to my kiddies a before the week is over. A little pre game sugar high before the big hunt….

This year, I decided I wanted to jazz up the baskets a little bit using my favorite tool, my fringe scissors. Really, they are for destroying receipts “for identity protection”, but that’s what a shredder is for in my house. I picked up my pair at The Container Store, but I think Martha might have a variety in her crafting collection.

For this project you will need.

Colorful paper (heavy stock, or not… wharves. I used origami paper)

Hot glue gun

Fringe Scissors

Regular scissors

Easter basket and goodies

Aren’t they fun looking scissors. I could probably come up with a million projects using them, but I have held back 🙂

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We’ve been busy!

Every girl needs a proper creative space, don’t you think? 

Without further adieu, a little peek into the makings of our new office, craft room, photography studio, prop closet.

and where The Fresh Issue will be published from from now on!

We have so much more to do, and oh so much more to share! I mean, it has been a while….

(we’re baaaack chickies!)

Make Your Own 2012 Calendar!

One of the first blogs I ever had the pleasure of reading was Young House Love. I came upon it looking for some kind of DIY house project (I think?) and if these two aren’t one of the rulers of that kingdom, then I am not sure who is. An adorable couple, with an adorable little girl, and a house which we all get to watch them transform. It sounds simple, but sometimes simple is just what you need to be awesome. 

This year, I really loved the template they posted for their 2012 calendar. It’s a DIY kind of deal, you just download the file. 

They used B&W images, but I thought it also looked pretty neat matching it with some of my images of complimentary colors!

What do you think? … Want to join in the fun?

Visit YHL love HERE and download the file!


Handmade Holidays: Gingerbread House Edition.

You guys, we’ve just reached a totally new level in our relationship. 

Wait, I needed to delay it a little bit with the buffer barnyard. 

This… is what brings us to a whole new level. 

… The HAIR…. and the purple velour scrunchy on my wrist!!! ScarYYY.

Alright, 10 words too many about my awkward phase, cut to the reason I even bothered revealing my 12 year old self, the gingerbread houses.

I don’t know if any of the Christmases I remember, was a Christmas without a gingerbread house. My sister and I looked forward to it every year when we were little ones. Aunt Tita would prepare for like a month before the big weekend – big weekend being a whole 2 day sleepover where we stuffed our faces with candy, licked our fingers clean of royal icing, and ended up with 2 (or 3!) gorgeous gingerbread houses. 

I remember loving the idea of chicklet stained glass windows… along with the frosted mini wheat roof tiles, and the peppermint stick and gumdrop street lights, and I will never forget the bowls full of Necco wafers.

Decorating gingerbread houses is endless fun no matter how old you are. And every year, I still find a way to keep the tradition going. This year, Tita and I invested the big bucks in a Trader Joe’s pre-made German house. 

A whole $7.99!

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Cinnamon Hot Cocoa & Homemade Gingerbread Marshmallows

To a girl that carries around the deer park gallon jug of water every day – and never drinks anything but water, every day, and every night – starting my day with a big mug of cinnamon hot cocoa was like a huge deal. I think my heart actually skipped a beat with the first sip. So, excluding the occasional hot chai, or decaf iced coffee or tea, I have been off the drink wagon for almost 3 years. No soda, no sugary drinks at all, no coffee, no caffeine ever, no nada. It stops being boring after year one – or I wouldn’t have made it this long. 😉

The cause for this morning’s indulgence? Homemade gingerbread marshmallows.

The effect? Melty ooey goey gingerbread marshmallows floating on top of the freshly whipped cream in my beautiful mug of cinnamon hot cocoa.

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Handmade Holidays: Cupcake Wrapper Christmas Lights

Today was one of those cozy days. Those never get out of your hello kitty PJ days. The kind of day where you eat a bowl of cereal at 3 o’clock and that was your first meal of the day kind of days… Rain does that to ya.

So, on a cozy, it’s okay to get glitter and paint all of over your PJs kind of day, I decide to relax and enjoy and afternoon of DIYing.

After a weekend of baking, I had a bunch of extra cupcake wrappers hanging around. Normally I would shove them back in my giant under bed bin (yes, I sleep atop my baking supplies – sweet dreams, duh.), but this time I had a better idea. Inspired by something I saw in the December issue of Martha Stewart Living – I wanted to use the wrappers to just up the very predictable strand of christmas lights that I know we all having laying around these days.

Along with the cupcake wrappers, I grabbed a few other awesome crafty things.

Glitter, Martha Stewart all surface paint, white feathers, clothespins, ribbon, yarn, and adhesive spray.

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