Arriba! Try This Quinoa.

Sometimes I am at a loss for words when it comes to naming a dish I created. 

In this case, I settled for the nothing less than corny rhyme option…

It does have spanish flair, I promise!!

This is the kind of dish you make the day you go to the produce market. The fresher the ingredients the better. 

Also, if you can find them, no salt added black beans are your best bet. Keep the meal simple, and too much salt can really screw things up…

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This was probably my favorite quinoa creation that I have thrown together in a long time. The white wine is such a compliment to the sweet onions and honestly, what the heck is better than avocado and lime?

Garnish with parsley and dig in. 

From stove to table in less than 40 minutes!


Not So Special- K Chocolatey Delight.

Ladies … and maybe Gents –

Raise your hand if you have fallen victim to the advertising schemes of Special K’s weight loss challenge. 

I will do the grade school hand raise … the low one, where you are hoping the teaching sees your hand for participation purposes,  but you are also hoping it is not high enough for her to pick you because you really don’t know what’s going on. 

I gave it a day and a half before I threw in the towel. But this isn’t a post about how you should not do the Special K challenge – if by some miracle it works for you – please tell me about it. 

A few years ago a I promised myself to give up as much white processed sugary items as possible. That meant almost every cereal I used to think was healthy, to include the Special Ks and Shredded Wheats of the world. Instead – my only pantry choices are those cereals with low sugars, and only evaporated organic cane sugar. Less processed – much better choice. 

So today – I show you my version of Special K’s Chocolatey Delight cereal. On top of adding a few more calories to an otherwise low calorie cereal – from 120 cals in 3/4 cup of Real K to about 260ish in 2 cups of my K – I always make sure I pack my cereal bowl full of protein and fiber. (the only way cereal will ever fill you up …)

1 cup of Arrowhead Mills Puffed Kamut (favorite cereal grain … pretty much ever)

1 Cup of Trader Joe’s High Fiber O’s

1 tbs Enjoy Life Mega Semi-Sweet Chunks (dairy,nut, and soy free)

1 cup Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Packing almost 10 grams of protein, enough fiber to make you go poop  WOW (9 grams) and chock full of whole grains, it’s okay to not count the calories and substitute this option for your mornings. If a few more calories mean that I am taking better care of my body, then that’s okay with me. 

You know what else you’re avoiding? Partially hydrogenated Palm Oil and High Fructose Cornsyrup … and a bunch more ingredients that I can’t pronounce. See if you can read them in the Nutrition Facts.

And also, if you haven’t jumped on the almond milk bandwagon, get on it. I am about to start a pledge for all Starbucks/coffee shops to carry it because it not only tastes wonderful, but it has 50% more calcium than real milk, no hormones, and 1 cup is 40 calories. Sorry Moo Cows!

Late Summer Stuffed Peppers.

Stuffed peppers are an amazing meal if you have the time to put them together. For these late summer pepps, It took me about an hour of prep and cook time. So stinkin worth it, and frankly it is because I chose to load them up with so many veggies. Depending on how many you can scrounge up – you could have dinner on the table a little sooner.

Magnificent in color, full of nutritiousness, and really fun to make – they are a treat for me each time I get to dig my fork into one.

Click to Print the Recipe.

You can make them in any season, with whatever veggies are fresh at the market – but these late summer ones might be the best. Even though I wish corn would be in season forever, I know it can’t be, and the plum tomatoes I got from Jersey… there is nothing like them. Summer sweetness at it’s finest.

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Wrap your arms around yourself!

Does anyone know the secret to being able to live by the phrase, “all things in moderation”?

As I write this post tonight, I do it with that icky feeling in my stomach caused today by a combination of  many things. For one I did not consume any actual meal to speak of. I spent the day in the bakery deal with a mass of issues causing me to run around like the world was ending and any food I saw had to be eaten. And oh, let’s not forget the out of whack hormones, ridiculous lack of sleep, unquenchable food cravings….. all translated into,

If I hadn’t been so helplessly exhausted I would have cooked a healthy dinner tonight.

Something quick and easy like a lettuce wrap is always an awesome option for anyone that feels my pain after a day like this. You can get protein from your meat/beans/nuts, veggies from the obvious, and a little carbs from rice noodles. Wrap up one, two, or three in a head of iceberg and what you have is a cheap dinner that leaves you full and satiated.

 … You give your veggies a hug in their wrap, and your body gets one too! (I couldn’t resist the imagery… sorry 🙂 )

This week I kept the wraps completely vegetarian. 

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Lower Manhattan stole my heart.

Hello my little night owls … or Good Morning to all you perfect sleepers!

I think being able to take this weekend away made me realize what it means for hard work to pay off… It was so nice. I got back home late on Sunday and have been reliving my trip over and over again as I edit each photograph. From the hotel, to the restaurants – to the surprising great weather, it was just what I needed. Unfortunately, I think I also need a new computer. I had all intentions of posting more frequently throughout the trip, but you can only do so much with a computer that is running out of disk space – bummed.

Anyway – if I had to pick the highlight of the whole trip it was my Sunday morning adventure to the New Amsterdam Market at the South Street Seaport. Lower Manhattan doesn’t get the love it deserves. Mark my words – over the next few years, great food is going to bring all the boys and girls to their yard – it is the nicest break from the uppitty uptown feel, the streets are inviting, yet not too crowded, and oh wait – what’s better than staring at the big beautiful Brooklyn Bridge as you get to enjoy all the fun by the Seaport. 

Totally romantic part of the town. (hint, hint guys – GREAT date weekend spot).

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A Memorial Day Weekend Must: Grilled Corn.

A Day.. A Whole Weekend… What’s the difference. All I know is that Memorial Day/Weekend means so many of my favorite things, like white skinny jeans, bikinis, lounge chairs, and sunshine.

Memorial Day also means something much more important, summer food. Summer food is the best food. The freshest food. The most memorable food. It brings comfort in a whole different way… because what’s better than a plate of fresh sliced watermelon to help you digest some of the best grilled ____ fill in the blank you’ve ever had. 

This memorial day, whether you’re having a big get together, or a small “thing”, I suggest you fill in the blank with corn. Yes, GRILLED CORN. God’s Food. God’s gift to man. My gift to you. 

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Lunchtime at the Produce Market.

As you all might have read, I am still going strong with my (quite abbreviated but still committed) detox that I promised myself to on Monday. Today my sister and I went to our favorite local produce market and amongst the 40 lemons, 3 bionic stalks of celery, a gorgeous canteloupe, and 60 dollars worth of all of the freshest choices, I was seeing visions of my lunch.

I came home, sauteed some onions, boiled my quinoa, and threw in a few tablespoons of shelled edamame and garbanzo beans, chopped carrots and celery, and if only I had slivered almonds it would have completed the look. No salt needed because of the garbanzos, and so filling, it is the perfect produce market creation.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the day!

When in life you achieve a goal, you celebrate with pasta.

Yesterday was cause to finally cook the pasta I splurged on last month while perusing the aisles of DiBruno Brothers. I never buy speciality pasta for that exact reason… there always has to be some sort of occasion or reason to let these handcrafted, fancifully packaged pastas see their best friend, boiling water. You spend an arm and a leg on some varieties and then they just sit there, like the prince of the pasta shelf waiting for the perfect moment to shine. Well, my Farro Fettucine finally had its 15 minutes of fame as yesterday I really had something to celebrate.
Recently I have fallen in love with the spin bike, something you would not have caught me saying a year ago. It intimated me, it hurt my booty, and truthfully, I was always convinced I was going about it incorrectly. As with everything else in my life, practice makes perfect, and yesterday I finally accomplished the goal I set for myself …. 26.2 miles in under 60 minutes.

My legs were like a blur in the reflection from the window next to me and once I knew I had the finish line in sight, it was one of the best feelings in the world. A marathon plus close to 300 flights of stairs, I clearly earned my R&R for the rest of the night, and for some reason I was also craving a giant bowl of good job pasta.

Strawberry Crumbley Parfait.

For those of you that have sworn of dessert for lent, I give you your oasis…

Just think of this as breakfast (and eat it after dinner!).

In true “Spring Cleaning, Clean Eating” fashion, these past few weeks have involved a lot of research through all my healthy lifestyle books scattered around my room. One of my favorites go-to reads is “The Probiotics Revolution” by Gary B. Huffnagle, Ph.D. He provides quality insight into how consuming a certain balance of probiotics and prebiotics can help your body manage any issue from allergies to immune system disorders, or even just plain old eczema.

Today I am not eating to solve any ailment, thank goodness, but I am eating to take care of myself.

Amongst advice and information are scattered recipes. Crafted by the Dr. is the ultimate recipe for a complete, yet indulgent, way to enjoy the beautiful fresh fruits and berries that are slowly trickling into the produce department. He calls it Fresh Fruit Crunch.

I prefer to think of it as the Strawberry Crumbley Parfait.

Print and Dig In!


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