Make Your Own 2012 Calendar!

One of the first blogs I ever had the pleasure of reading was Young House Love. I came upon it looking for some kind of DIY house project (I think?) and if these two aren’t one of the rulers of that kingdom, then I am not sure who is. An adorable couple, with an adorable little girl, and a house which we all get to watch them transform. It sounds simple, but sometimes simple is just what you need to be awesome. 

This year, I really loved the template they posted for their 2012 calendar. It’s a DIY kind of deal, you just download the file. 

They used B&W images, but I thought it also looked pretty neat matching it with some of my images of complimentary colors!

What do you think? … Want to join in the fun?

Visit YHL love HERE and download the file!



Up on the rooftop click click click!

(from top left to bottom right) Ultimate oreo cookies ($50.00). S'Mores cake ($58.00). Lemon Cake ($50.00). Award Winning Apple Pie ($50.00). Mini Cakes Sampler (58.00). Mini Holiday Cheesecakes ($110.00). Red Velvet Cake ($58.00). Chocolate Seduction Cake ($65.00). Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake ($75.00). Italian Ice Tortoni ($50.00). Brownie Mountain Cake ($45.00). Mini Mousse Cakes ($38.00). 24 layer chocolate cake ($150.00). Carrot Cake ($150.00). Giant Cinnamon Rolls ($45.00). Handmade Pumpkin Pie ($50.00).

Down through the chimney …. Isn’t that how it goes? I went to the gym today and somehow made it through an hour on the machine from hell, with my Christmas Pandora channel – now, that’s how you know it’s the most wonderful time of the year (and now you know why this song was stuck in my head). 

Tuck yourselves in tonight with a few fun click click clicks. 

Oh, and the above? Just a collection of my fave offerings from the Neiman Marcus entertaining catalog this season. Yes – they do red bottom Louboutins and Red Velvet cake. Fabulousity in it’s most pure form. 

… Just another job I could dream about.

While I go to la la land, go ahead and click this week’s bold words. 

Handmade Reindeer Gift Tags. Etsy Shop: FairestLJ

Get warm under the covers and window shop

Some of the coolest parties, like ever. 

2011, 45 intense times. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip. (Yes, you read correctly).

The iPhone identity crisis

Nothing but an adorable scarf

Inspiring fonts. 

Just help me feed my backsplash obsession

Deborah Lippman does your NYE nails. 

Exactly whereI want to be. 

Or here… 

Fab Printables & Parties. 

…. seriously, ENJOY!

Vintage Ornaments. Etsy Shop: WillowonWater


Don’t Forget to Save Daylight.

Hi friends! Before I begin, I need to tell you that GtoG is not going to become just a blog about feel good Fridays and fun links, promise. We will be back to regularly scheduled food porn programming next week. This week, there was no content created just a lot of …. this.

photo from Color Issue.

The wonderful Aarean @ Color Issue posted this unbelievable DIY sparkley cork board project this week. Do you not adore it? Perfect use for Martha Stewart’s latest line of drool over sparkley craft accessories and her spectrum of tempting paint colors. No I haven’t yet had a chance to make myself one of these …. but, to translate – what have I been doing ? oh just a giant conglomeration of organization (rolls right off the tongue doesn’t it …). 

The Project: an office space… or as I have been referring to it in my notes, the Creative Nest. 

I thought about doing a little something like this in my apartment:

Not nesty enough. Not to mention I just don’t have closet space to sacrifice. So hence … The big dreams, of the big nest. 

images via pinterest.

Aren’t they dreamy? 

What have you all been up to this week? Is anyone else in project mode like me? I would love to hear about it, and share inspirations! This weekend is shaping up to be quite purdy, did you see the weather report? I am hanging with my kiddies tonight, and then scooting off into the city tomorrow for a fun food writing workshop with Madame Fromage (Tenaya Darlington) and Food in Jars (Melissa McClellan).  And oh, there is also some cake baking thrown in there – my little Colette turned 2 this week – a birthday cake and a little smash cake are on the to-dos.

So my dears, whatever you are getting yourselves into this weekend, do your bodies good and get some sun on your face, and just enjoy these moments. We will all miss them when the snow arrives (again) :). 

Without further adieu, your feel good Friday clicks. (bold words redirect you to the content.)

Inspiration for your day, the year, the century. 

Totally neat DIY t-shirt project.

Say hello to my holiday heels.

What do you want to do before you die?

Coolest Mom of the Week Award.

“I can see right through you!” 

Coco Draws dreams of Paris (thank you Fifi Cheek).

Give me a break, Give me a break, Break me off a piece of that … Kit Kat cake!

The explanation for Lily Pulitzer price tags.

One step ahead of Thanksgiving.

image from

Some Blog Bisous.

Every once in a while I come across a blog that makes me exclaim aloud how ahhhmazing it is.

This week’s 2 am ahhh ha find:

What Katie Ate. 


I’ve heard it mentioned before, but I never took the mental note and typed it into my browser. She invites you into not only a foodie heaven but a photography lovers paradise. Hello, her recipes are on scanned in photographs in old school typewriter font.

Her work is phenomenal, and if I could only ask her one question it would be – 

How on earth do you have all the beautiful goodies to stage each photograph so precisely?

What Katie Ate is truly a work of art.

…. And with that I send out my bloggy love for the week. xo

A Favorite Thing: Sweet Jack and Lill …

“If you can’t find work, make work.” – a tweet from clothing designer @KielJP.

20 somethings are you reading this?

Stick it somewhere in your memory bank, and when you are feeling frustrated, remember, your fate is in your hands. Get to creating.

Today I would like to recognize one of the most creative and driven women I know.I think she has 4 extra invisible arms, and a hidden assistant lurking in one of her kitchen cabinets. 

She is a mother to beautiful baby Lilly, a wife, a fellow foodie, and one of my greatest supporters.

Most importantly, she is a budding pastry chef with a talent that does not go unnoticed.

Sweet Jack and Lill

(click to check out her amazing work and adorable blog)

Jacquie, you are the epidome of what is means to follow your heart, and do what you love. You are unstoppable.

ThrowDown: Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.

Where is Bobby Flay when you need him?

In an effort to test just how good my homemade vanilla ice cream is, and having no way to get the throwdown king into my kitchen, I decided upon my second best option…. Hire the pickyest tongue in the entire family and have him be the judge of my carefully crafted dessert.

There is something you must know about this judge first, he only eats one brand and one type of ice cream: Breyer’s Natural Vanilla. That’s all. Not Extra Creamy, not French Vanilla, not Ben and Jerry’s, and certainly not Sugar Free. Is it possible he was overqualified for this?

I mean, if I can get my Uncle John to like a spoonful of this stuff, chalk up a GIANT W for me.

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Friday’s Favorite Thing: Talula’s Table.

I think I have found a little piece of my heaven.

image from
Credit to a good friend Jennifer for being the reason behind this excitement.
She just told me about this local bit of magnificence this morning, and it seems I have become slightly obsessed.
Being as my first visit is in the near future, all I feel qualified enough to say is…

Talula’s Table.

Share in my excitement.

Even Craig La Ban says so……. and I only dream to have the same say he has one day.


Something to Share: The Sweet Life in Paris.

Image from


I’ve been, but I was practically a baby. Paris has been calling me for the past couple of years… Maybe it was my camera that started dragging me there, but I think the official winner of the get me there now race, is my stomach.

I was 10 years old. All I remember, except climbing the seemingly billion steps up to Montmarte, or wiggling my way through the packs of adults at the Musee D’Orsay, or hearing real Parisians be rude (sorry.), was one of the most delicious 5 days of my life. Chocolat chaud flowing in an endless stream, croissants on each corner, pane au chocolat on crusty and delicious baguettes, and some of the most memorable restaurants and shopping windows a little awkward 5th grader had ever seen.

David Lebovtiz, I am counting on you, my idol food blogger and pastry chef, to take me there without me even attempting to pack a bag.

Amazon says the book will arrive at my gate in 3-5 days. Anticipation!!!!! Should I prepare some coq au vin and buy a baguette for dinner the night it comes? Peut-etre…

I even paid for the book with my American Express points (just like I would if I bought a plane ticket). Once it arrives, I am strapping myself  into my seat, and taking the journey (or pretending to) to Paris that I’ve been plotting to take. One day soon I will embark on my own sweet journey, but for now, I wait for my journey through Mr. Lebovitz’s account of a city made for love, and more importantly, food.

Scroll down to my links section, to find a way to read David’s blog.