How to Host a Simple Family Dinner.

Cross your fingers for a sunshiney afternoon.

Arrange a bouquet of fresh cut flowers in bright colors.

Cook a stick to their bones kind of meal.

(pasta bolognese, a fresh green salad, hot oven baked rolls with butter)

Serve that dessert they never get sick of.

Easter was such a treat this year. It was simple, but indulgent, with weather to compliment the mood. I was so happy to have found endless bouquets of ranunculus when I went to the market to buy flowers on Friday. They are my absolute favorites this time of season, and a great accessory to any table with their deep variety of colors. In an attempt to take the guessing out of the meal, we went with the family favorite. Like I said, want to host a seamless feast, just go with the favorites… sometimes simple is the best policy.

Just of a few of my favorite instagrammys from the day.. @thefreshissue



Two Thousand Eleven Instagrammed.

aka: the year an iPhone changed all of our lives. (don’t deny it Bberry and Droid kids, you know you want one too).

Markets to Cities …. Photo shoots to Dinner Plates … Sunrises to Sunsets … Babies to more babies … Holidays to High Heels …. Puppy to even more Puppy … Landscapes to little gems … Family to Friends. 

Looking at it this way, 2011 was nothing but beautiful!

… thanks to those who made all of these clicks possible. You know who you are. The wait don’t eat that, hold on stop walking, one second I need to instagram this loves of my life. You know you love meeee tooooo!