Framing Your Favorite Things.

There are a lot of ways to add a personal touch to your walls, my favorite way is finding illustrations of your favorite things, favorite quotes in great typography, or of course images that make your heart go pitter patter!

Lately I have become totally obsessed with sketching using my new Bamboo illustrator tablet.

So obsessed that I couldn’t help but share some of the original art work I have drawn up for my wall of frames in my office.

Totally stinkin smitten.  *dreaming up a little etsy shop*

Stay tuned for a fun “How To” on putting together a framed piece of artwork that is guaranteed to add pizzaz and pops of color to your walls!


Easter Basket Accessorizing

By now, and maybbbbe I am a little ahead of myself to say this, but I hope everyone has their easter basket swag stashed away in the pantry for the kiddies this Sunday. I am playing Easter bunny a little early this year, and gifting my baskets to my kiddies a before the week is over. A little pre game sugar high before the big hunt….

This year, I decided I wanted to jazz up the baskets a little bit using my favorite tool, my fringe scissors. Really, they are for destroying receipts “for identity protection”, but that’s what a shredder is for in my house. I picked up my pair at The Container Store, but I think Martha might have a variety in her crafting collection.

For this project you will need.

Colorful paper (heavy stock, or not… wharves. I used origami paper)

Hot glue gun

Fringe Scissors

Regular scissors

Easter basket and goodies

Aren’t they fun looking scissors. I could probably come up with a million projects using them, but I have held back ūüôā

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We’ve been busy!

Every girl needs a proper creative space, don’t you think?¬†

Without further adieu, a little peek into the makings of our new office, craft room, photography studio, prop closet.

and where The Fresh Issue will be published from from now on!

We have so much more to do, and oh so much more to share! I mean, it has been a while….

(we’re baaaack chickies!)

Two Thousand Eleven Instagrammed.

aka: the year an iPhone changed all of our lives. (don’t deny it Bberry and Droid kids, you know you want one too).

Markets to Cities …. Photo shoots to Dinner Plates … Sunrises to Sunsets … Babies to more babies … Holidays to High Heels …. Puppy to even more Puppy … Landscapes to little gems … Family to Friends.¬†

Looking at it this way, 2011 was nothing but beautiful!

… thanks to those who made all of these clicks possible. You know who you are. The wait don’t eat that, hold on stop walking, one second I need to instagram this loves of my life.¬†You know you love meeee tooooo!




365 Days Ago.

The blankets against my skin were a soft fleece material, thin but substantial, with a deep mustard  and white pattern. They scattered their way across two beds, pushed right up against one another Рan L shape Рand the cheapest (and comfiest) couch there could be. The bright off-white paint on the walls bounced light around, and at the time they were left blank and inspiring. A desk was setup and tucked into the corner sat a crystal table lamp, that perplexes you with its intricacies if you look at long enough. A wicker chair, nestled under the desk tried desperately tried to reel me in Рbut the cheap makeshift couch was much more enticing.

There I sat, computer propped upon my knees. Some version of classical music was creating background noise ¬†and although I can’t 100% guarantee this, I am pretty sure I was dreading another day of work in the morning.

That was the scene a year ago. It was cozy and warm, although most of my memories from the evening are those of discontent – hence sitting in a room with just my thoughts.

I promised myself on that day that I was going to write, every day, until my fingers fell off…. write so that I ended up doing something that was better than anything I had done before.

365 days ago, I made that commitment and I saw it through, and for that, I am proud. I still have my fingers, but I also have over 200 days of my writing documented, and memories and accomplishments that I would have never even fathomed experiencing, all to call my own.

One of this life’s most beautiful qualities is the surprise that each day brings, over and over, each and every day. There is no predicting what may come our way the moment our eyes open.

It could be a person. An opportunity. A thought. And it could change your life as you know it.

365 days ago, on a quiet night, I wrote down a thought. In less than 500 words I made a promise to myself that changed my life, in a very scary and real way. I showed myself how easy it was to open a door to endless opportunity to do what I love, as long as I work really hard.

So because of that thought, the promises of 2012 seem endless. I feel blessed, but overwhelmed, and excited but also a little intimidated, mostly because, what next? 

2011 was as wonderful as it was tough. There have been moments where I have felt like this wasn’t my life, both in positive and negative ways, but overall I am proud of what I have created and I am proud to be doing it all on my own. Today, independence is hard to come by.

2011 was also quite unplanned. With gumption and a lot of moving and shaking, I hope to follow through with a few actual plans this year. Occupying prime real estate in my mind, a business and upgrades to the site. 

I want to grow in knowledge, confidence, success, and love. 

And without the support from so many of you, none of that would be possible. So Thank YOU ALL for this year. It hope that this little piece of me has brought you some sweetness in your lives when you have needed it. 

To a 2012 full of dreams come true.  


Your Top Five Recipes of 2011

Guess what? I am still in La La land. No, not Los Angeles, although I love that use that term to refer to L.A. , literally the land of la di da. No normalcy, no schedule, no routine. It may sound nice to some of you, but I think I am getting a wee bit sick of it. 

I miss going to the gym every day, and being able to drive around without having to play bumper cars to get from one place to another. How about shopping? I miss that, as right now, I dread it.  

The day I actually wake-up early, workout, get work done, and then throw together a healthy dinner, and not eat 100 cookies for dessert…. where the hell are ya?

While normalcy eludes me, I thought I might as well use the opportunity to look back over the 30,000 plus clicks GtoG has gotten this year and see what 2011 was really like. 

The Top Five Most Clicked Recipes. 


Hand Rolled Gnocchi 


Homemade Organic Granola Bars & Bites


The Best Homemade Pizza Ever


Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream


Daddy’s Delicious Double Chocolate Fudge Cake

For the recipes, click each link!

… let’s also please acknowledge the growth of my camera skillz. oy vay. where was the white balance?

What were your favorite recipes this year? On GtoG or elsewhere….¬†

I’d love to hear about them!

Crumbs & Leftovers.

You can always count on the memories to hang behind while all the other cookie crumbs and crumpled up wrapping paper scamper into the trash.

There is very little like the days after Christmas. Weird feeling right? The tree still twinkles and there could be a few gifts left wrapped up – stragglers for the friends and family you haven’t seen quite yet. But, even as you relax and try to work off (or continue to feed) the food baby, that sad, empty, Christmas is over feeling is still hanging around.

But that’s what the memories are for.

This year, I cooked Christmas Eve dinner for the family. I decided to make everything, from bread to dessert from scratch. That up there? The makings of homemade olive bread. My pregnant lady cravings for olives are definitely to blame for that. 

Two kinds of lasagna. Some steamed vegg. My crispy fried calamari. A fresh arugula and greens salad with beets & pine nuts….. And really bad lighting too… all made their way to the table.¬†

And what is Christmas eve without Santa’s cookies?

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’11 Holiday Gifties. To: the Girl that loves her kitchen.

Love, the person that loves to eat her food.


1. Farmer’s Market Basket. ($20.00) @Anthropologie¬† ¬† ¬†2. Stress Cupcake ($3.99) @PerpetualKid¬† ¬† ¬†3. Sugar Cones by Virginia Sin ($3.99) @Generate¬† ¬† ¬†4. Baker’s Twine ($8.95) @Crate and Barrel¬† ¬† ¬†5.¬† ¬†Yellow Enameled Lemon Squeezer ($12.99) @Chef Central¬† 6. Raspberry Ice Artisan Stand Mixer ($349.99) @Kitchen Aid¬† ¬† ¬†7. Culinary Basil Growing Kit ($69.95) @Red Envelope¬† ¬† ¬†8. I love u like biscuits and gravy dish towel ($10.00) @House 8810¬† ¬† ¬†9. Biodegradable Paper Straws ($5.61) @Amazon ¬† ¬† 10. The Essential New York Times Cook Book ($21.02) @Amazon¬† ¬† ¬†11. 15 Piece Plus Breakfast Set ($7.99) @Ikea¬† ¬† ¬†12. Cuisine Couture Apron ($32.00) @Anthropologie ¬† ¬† 13. Le Creuset 9QT in Dijon ($305.00) @Board and Basket¬† ¬† ¬†14. Digital Recipe Reader ($200.00) @Neiman Marcus¬†

Maybe this gift guide was slightly swayed… in the direction of things that this particular little lady would like? But maybe not. ¬†ūüėČ Either way, the aspiring or already accomplished chef in your fam or circle of friends will surely love any of these under the tree. Especially the New York Times Cookbook. I have a feeling that all of Amanda Hesser’s hard work will one day be an equivalent must have in the kitchen like the Joy of Cooking is.¬†

Coutdown to Christmas Eve. 

13 Days. 


decorating the tree tonight.