Alright. If my lack of writing wasn’t enough to steer you in the direction of Aly was darn near close to having a mental breakdown this month, then I’m not sure how else to explain it to you. It was only like a little past midnight last night, but let me tell you, I turned my calendar pages so fast, I almost gave myself a paper cut. Seriously, November was a dooooozey. However, amongst all of the BLAH there was a lot of AH HA moments too. Let me translate – I created a lot of beautiful goodies.

Regarde, sil vous plait..

There was a story I wrote on this Main Line gem … Tredici Italian Market. They killed me and sent me to heaven with their #1 sandwich (they have 13 insane creations … actually more than 13, but 13 signature offerings)

Don’t stare too long … but you are looking at freshly sliced prosciutto, crumbled gorgonzola, arugula, drizzled with balsamic, and all sandwiched between two pieces of ciabatta that have been slathered with their walnut pesto. O.M.G.

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The Prettiest Saturday Afternoon Sandwiches… almost ever.

Saturdays are my Fridays. The end of my work week. The nights I go home and curl up on my big white couch, light a few candles, click on a quiet Pandora station, and just be. Truly relaxing, letting go of the week, and doing absolutely nothing but what I want to do is how I love to start my weekend.

Tonight, was no different. I wanted to go home and see this face…

So I did. We snuggled, until he felt like going back under the bed with his chicky. Then we walked… well he walked me. So excited that we were back in our routine .. he was practically skipping – and that made me so happy.

But there was something else that made this Saturday, which didn’t start so well, a happy one.

It was Sandwich Saturday! Courtney and I were at Whole Foods and I was inspired, and starving. It is the perfect  place to piece together all the necessities for a few tasty sammiches.

I started by choosing the bread. Each sandwich would be unique.

1. The Wheat Panino – an Italian pressed sandwich with pesto.

2. The Multigrain Ciabatta – a classic turkey, mustard, pickle and swiss sandwich.

3. The Olive Load – the Doggie Bag White Dog Wayne sandwich (!!)

4. The Ezekiel Sesame Bread – a Mediterranean sandwich with hummus.

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This is the day that nev … ends in Tiny Turkey Burgers!

Hi Everybody!!

Last night there was no post because Apartment B had a mandatory 9:30 bed time. At 22 and 23 respectively, we still need bed time… don’t knock it till you try it! It felt so nice waking up this morning with energy for the first time in a long time.

It also probably helped that I didn’t have to be into work at 6 am, so I got to roll out of bed and enjoy a nice bowl of cereal and read up on all the news I’ve missed.

I also did some morning photo editing of the little cupcake cuties…

There is nothing like little hands working so quietly on little cupcakes (the hands being quiet, nott the kids) – I am hoping to finally get a post together once my SmugMug account gets restored (I forget I cancelled a credit card and they closed off my account this month) so as soon as they are done making me pull my hair out I will share all the little morsels of detail from Olivia’s 6th Birthday!

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Saturday at the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival.

Photographs are the only way to truly recreate the perfect day I had this past Saturday. Fever raging, and allergies going crazy, the moment I hit the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival on Walnut Street, it all miraculously went away. It is like the world conspires to bring me as close to heaven as I can get at events like this. I mean honestly, were we not having the worst week of weather ever? Rain or shine, Rittenhouse was bound to become foodie fantasyland, but really who wants to mangia on rain drop soaked cupcakes and sliders? 

Shall I list all of the deliciousness that I got my hands this weekend?

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A Piece for Main Line Dish: Bake 425.

Today is the day…

My first piece for went live as the front page story!!

The opportunity to see my work published is really such a blessing.

I hope you all will support me as I begin this great partnership, as well as take the time to enjoy the hard work contributed by each of the other wonderful writers that are a part of the great team at the Town Dish!

Click to Read my Piece on Bryn Mawr’s Bake 425.

Fresh. Local. Pasta.

Shopping at Whole Foods is like giving yourself a hug… Alright, I drive an SUV, I love doing laundry, babies make me melt, and I find a stupid amount of joy in grocery shopping: cue the Mommy stereotype, I’m fine with it 🙂 . But really, is there anything quite like walking the aisles of one of America’s elite grocery stores?

Every WFM I have stepped foot in makes me have the same visceral reaction – *deep breath in, slow breath out*.

This is my Whole Foods.

image from

Actually, now it actually looks more like a whole new Whole Foods Devon. 

 I’m not usually one for change, but the much welcomed expansion of an already decent sized store was teased for the last year or so since the neighboring Honey Baked Ham closed (thank god).

Finally, we’ve add on some seriously awesome square feet.. and a TON of awesome food.

What was I most excited about trying?

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Tonight, I Sleep On My Left Side.

Never feel like you are stuck. We are never stuck.  

Realizing this week that I haven’t really left my hometown in the year since I have graduated Villanova was tough. Like, sort of shocking. I am blessed to be able to say that since my childhood I have spent at least 3 weeks out of the year either traveling or on vacation. Hello Real World. 

But after today, I am reminded that adventures can literally happen anywhere. Even just a few miles from home. 

Today I planned quite an adventure for my best friend, Natalie and I.

Can you guess where we are?

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A New Location for Di Bruno Brothers: The Ardmore Preview Party.

I never thought I would be this excited about a few hundred square feet! I am proud to announce, congratulate, and most of all welcome one of the premiere Philadelphia Italian markets, Di Bruno Brothers, into the Ardmore Farmer’s Market. If you remember from a few weeks ago, I chronicled my experience at the Rittenhouse location… teasing the introduction of this amazingly necessary mecca to the Main Line. Well, it is officially close enough to taste…. and that is what I had the pleasure of doing for several hours last night at their Grand Opening preview party. Taste, sample, smell, see, and toast to what should be quite the influential addition to the Philadelphia suburbs.

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Eat your way, through the day.

There are some days when I just throw in the towel and embrace the oh so satisfying food coma. Yesterday was one of those days. It was a day when I got to spend time with my favorite people and enjoy sharing conversations over big plates and sweet treats, only to then tuck myself in with my food baby and my forever memories.

With Mama in town for the day, although always special but recently more frequent, I was so happy to have my eating buddy with me. Even though the two of us could spend every minute of every day talking about food, we are uncharacteristically indecisive when it comes to picking a restaurant, especially when lunch is involved. Maybe it is because I have lived along the Main Line my whole life, and she spent 22 years of married life as a Main Line mommy, but it always seems difficult to settle on a place to have more than just a fast casual lunch!

After much consideration, the feeling was Asian and the choice was Azie on Main, something lunch fancy, but high quality.

Or so we thought…..

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