Step by Step Fresh Pasta @ Oven&Fig!

As some of you may already know, I have quite a love for a local restaurant in my town, Alfredo BYO

Last month the owners and I came together to create a blog- which we decided to call the Oven and Fig. Adorable!

I am writing and photographing each piece we do together. Right now we are working on one post per month- in the restaurant business, time is oh so precious. It is such a blast!

For our Christmas edition we decided handmade pasta would be our recipe of choice…. You thought my hand rolled gnocchi were fun and delicious?

These little guys are quite a contender. 

Check out the new post HERE … and let me know what you think!

The Day My Camera Fell in Love.


 As promised, here at the photographs from this Saturday’s Food and Drink writer meet up at R2L restaurant. The restaurant itself is located on the 37th floor of Two Liberty Place on 16th between Market and Chestnut streets. A truly hidden gem, the luxury of your dining experience begins as soon as you board the single hidden elevator at the back of a corridor that takes you to the restaurant lobby. A unique experience in that way, but also a special one because of the endless views of the city that are at your disposal from any table in the place.

We were seated in one of their private rooms for the duration of the food photography chat. 

The natural light was ideal for photographs. I could only dream of having great exposure like that every day!

After Chef Stern spoke to us, and photographer Eric Mencher gave us a few tips and told us about his experience in the the food photography industry, out came the stars of the day. 

The Food. 

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The Brunch Pizza.

On Saturday I spent the afternoon at the Philadelphia Food and Drink Writers meet-up at R2L restaurant. This was one of the many beautiful dishes my camera had a chance to gawk for an hour before the tasting commenced. Thank you to R2L, not only for your beautiful views of Philadelphia, but for your photogenic cuisine. Thank you to La Phemme Phoodie for hosting the little get together, and also to Visit Philly and Philly Homegrown for sponsoring. It’s always wonderful being around people that love being around the dining table as much as I do..

Check back tomorrow for more pictures from the day.

This is the day that nev … ends in Tiny Turkey Burgers!

Hi Everybody!!

Last night there was no post because Apartment B had a mandatory 9:30 bed time. At 22 and 23 respectively, we still need bed time… don’t knock it till you try it! It felt so nice waking up this morning with energy for the first time in a long time.

It also probably helped that I didn’t have to be into work at 6 am, so I got to roll out of bed and enjoy a nice bowl of cereal and read up on all the news I’ve missed.

I also did some morning photo editing of the little cupcake cuties…

There is nothing like little hands working so quietly on little cupcakes (the hands being quiet, nott the kids) – I am hoping to finally get a post together once my SmugMug account gets restored (I forget I cancelled a credit card and they closed off my account this month) so as soon as they are done making me pull my hair out I will share all the little morsels of detail from Olivia’s 6th Birthday!

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Saturday at the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival.

Photographs are the only way to truly recreate the perfect day I had this past Saturday. Fever raging, and allergies going crazy, the moment I hit the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival on Walnut Street, it all miraculously went away. It is like the world conspires to bring me as close to heaven as I can get at events like this. I mean honestly, were we not having the worst week of weather ever? Rain or shine, Rittenhouse was bound to become foodie fantasyland, but really who wants to mangia on rain drop soaked cupcakes and sliders? 

Shall I list all of the deliciousness that I got my hands this weekend?

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My Ivy League Summer… Contributing to Penn Appetit.

Twitter I love you, shall I count the ways?
Thanks to a tweet from @PennAppetit a few weeks ago soliciting blog writers I find myself living a psuedo ivy summer. If you don’t know that UPenn has this amazing food publication they very appropriately call, Penn Appetit, you are truly missing out. The print work is phenomenal, Bon Appetit’s mirror image, and their blog is full of great material as well. This summer, I will be a guest contributor. 
That means one thing – Philly. Philly… More of a reason for me to get into Philly. 
Anyway… My first piece went up today!
As always, thank you a million times over for all of your support. There is so much to look forward to this summer, and I can’t wait to keep sharing it with you guys..

The Day I Ate Everything at the Reading Terminal Market.

On a very beautiful Thursday last week, the adventure began. 10 am stomachs empty and mouths watering, two girls on a mission set their feet on the sunshine splashed pavement of just another one of Philadelphia’s overpriced parking lots, and didn’t look back for the next 6 hours.

Map in hand, clicky pen prepared, and absolutely no strategy to speak of; we walked headstrong and hungry into The Reading Terminal Market.

Two girls on a mission to taste an entire city block worth of food. 

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