Baby Cinnamon Raisin Scones.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, although I rarely ever eat it. Well not in the functional sense of the word. At work, my breakfast might consist of  the end of a seeded baguette with butter, some apple chunks if I am lucky enough to remember to grab my apple as I leave the house before the birds chirp, or… I sure do love my quick cook irish oats from Trader Joes, swimming in boiling water at the bottom of a coffee cup as I run around without any way to stop time (jokes). Portable, and healthy, that is usually how my breakfast manifests itself. 

But on the mornings when I find that I somehow can enjoy a bit of r&r, I go all out in the kitchen. Inspired by many a fabulous brunch I have enjoyed a la spoiled child at the Ritz, or by each menu I have consumed as I sit in one of the breakfast heavens that are scattered throughout the suburbs and the city, I try to blow my own mind and start my mornings just as they should be started, filled with love. 

All day I found myself staring at our buttermilk raisin scones at work…. I never crave them, except when I dream of breakfast. I guess I was dreaming of breakfast as it has been weeks since I have had a proper one. Therefore, tonight there was no stopping me from diving my hands into a bowl of flour and cold chunks of butter and whipping up a batch of what I shall fondly call, baby scones… pop till you can’t stop, dunk till you run out of coffee, and savor till your all sconed out, baby cinnamon raisin scones.

And oh baby, they are good. If you like scones.

A scone lover is a particular type of person. Someone that doesn’t need overwhelming sweet and can enjoy the wonderful melding of butter and flour into that dry but still velvety melt in your mouth kind of consistency. 

If your mouth is watering, then I crown you a fellow fan. Set aside 30 minutes, gather the ingredients, and try my babies. Make them the night before, or the morning of. Freeze them, per my mama’s suggestion as she can’t be here to sample them when they are fresh out of the oven, or just make them and enjoy them as the bite size bundles of love that they are.

My inspiration for this recipe  (PRINT and enjoy!!) is from my favorite baker, Gesine as she publishes one of her best scone interpretations in “My Life From Scratch”. Her take involves lemon and cranberries, which just wasn’t something I was craving tonight. If I had more time, I would have stopped at the produce market and picked up some beautiful berries, but really what is better than cinnamon and butter?

If you have never made a scone before, this is one of the easiest ways to break the ice into the world of breakfast sweets. No funky equipment needed, just two bowls and your two hands. I even used the mouth of a recycled jar as my cutter! 

Once they are in the oven, glazed with a bit of heavy cream and cinnamon sugar, all you need is 3 minutes before you start smelling the aroma that reminds you of the early morning hours. As soon as they come out, slather them with butter… or dare I suggest, nutella? and enjoy every crumbly bit as you say good morning to another day. 


4 thoughts on “Baby Cinnamon Raisin Scones.

    • thank you!! I just updated the post with the recipe …. I hope you will make them and let me know what you think 🙂

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